I am an enthusiastic and hard-working 28-year-old Kiwi with a desire to change my career direction and pursue employment in a field I am passionate about. Previously I have worked as an experienced Machinist Operator, an Assistant Baker, a Tradie in an automotive panel repair workshop and currently a Machinist Operator again. These roles all taught me life lessons in regard to communication and people management which has helped me develop a range of different job skill sets that I can couple with my natural ability and understanding of technology to help me on my path towards the career I truly want.

I am recently engaged and believe that finding the right role(employment) would provide me with the essential building blocks to help finish the foundations of my future, as well as an opportunity to show that I have invaluable skills, a motivated persona, and a solid work ethic to bring to the team. I am loyal, I am punctual, I am motivated, I am a keen learner and I believe I would be a solid addition to any future ventures I decide to partake in.


Work Place Job Tasks Time Period
  • Machine Operating
  • Mass Production
  • Factory Management (NightShift Supervisor)
September 2010 – April 2015
  • Food handling and hygiene
  • Quality Control
  • Time management in high-pressure environment
December 2015 – March 2016
  • Full Restorations on Cars, Trucks & Buses
  • Fibre Glassing repairs & fabrication
  • Preparing "brand new" Hitachi diggers for sale.
April 2016 - July 2019
  • Machine Operating
  • Factory Maintenance
  • Training Staff
July 2019 - Present
This is a summary of my work history.


What more is there to know about Darryl Wadsworth?

I'm a passionate technology enthusiast since a very young age. I thrive on pushing myself to discover the latest breakthroughs to stay one step ahead of the rest.

I have the understanding and capabilities of coding in over 12 separate languages (Not fluently).

Since 13 I have either owned or been apart of running multiple servers and websites including but not limited to Gaming, Hacking, Software & Graphics Forums/Communities.

Up until mid-2018, I ran one of the best Oceanic Gaming Clans in the Australasian region with top tier members from all sorts of genres of games (Including myself retiring as the #1 player on Art of War: Red Tides from New Zealand)

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